One of the most famous television channel LNK project for online TV, which allows you to watch TV shows or spent your favorite series at any time of the day. It can be observed not only LNK, but BTV, TV1 and INFO TV broadcast shows and videos, but also to find special LNK GO Internet television shows.

What did we do?

In the site we introduced a comprehensive and detailed shows and video search by name, which helps you choose from a large and wide video list. In search section we created a calendar, which helps identify date filter by which will be found the video. Also we have integrated alfa.lt daily, wherein is new articals and current Issues.

What makes us happy?

When we created web site for fast live television broadcasting and integrated comprehensive and detailed shows and video shearch we made easier every person daily routine.

Want to know more about this solution?

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During the project we did: 
  • Design/UI
  • Information architecture
  • Social network integration

on-line: lnkgo.alfa.lt/